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Protected Code Blue

There are numerous infection control concerns that arise during acute resuscitation of patients under SARS precautions. Resuscitation requires performance of high-risk procedures (e.g., intubation, chest tube insertion). Time needed to don additional personal protective equipment may introduce delays in response. The need to provide best care for the patient must be integrated with the need to protect health care workers.

Protected Code Blue Demonstration

  • Dr. Randy Wax, Dr. Peter Brindley and Rod MacDonald have created a presentation that demonstrates the process of resuscitating an in-patient under SARS precautions ("Protected Code Blue").

Draft presentation describing an approach to acute resuscitation in SARS patients: Protected Code Blue

  • Dr. Laurie Mazurik, Dr. Randy Wax, and Vagia Tsiaousidis Campbell RRCP have prepared a presentation describing an approach to handling Protected Code Blue events. This presentation includes proposed algorithms and guidelines for SARS intubation and drug kit contents. The entire notion of Protected Code Blue is in active development. Feedback and suggestions are welcome to revise this presentation. The presentation will be updated with pictures and/or video shortly.
  • NOTE: This file was updated on June 5th with additional content and reformated for easier viewing!!!

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